Australian Delegation Attending FOPA 2012

The Australia Council for the Arts is proud to support 50 Indigenous artists to attend the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts in the Solomon Islands, 1–14 July.

Find out about the delegates by clicking on the hands place markers on the map.


Arpaka – The Dawning of a New Day

July 27, 2012

One of the most incredible events I witnessed during the Festival of Pacific Arts was one man’s journey to find something that has been missing for over 150 years. My involvement in this story not only made me realize the insignificance of the individual, but the huge significance of belonging, and that we, the 27.


A Trip to Doma

July 24, 2012

During the Festival of Pacific Arts in Honiara, Solomon Islands, some of our mob also traveled to the host festival satellite venues. One of which was Doma, a village 50 minutes drive West along the coast from Honiara. It was beautiful. Leaf huts were scattered along the fringe of the festival ground, tucked well under.


Australian Delegation – Unofficial Facebook Page

July 20, 2012

greetings from Honiara everyone just writing to let you know that i’ve created an unofficial facebook page for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and performers who are representing Australia this year at the Festival of Pacific Arts in the Soloman Islands its so good! hopefully you’ll get an idea of that from my.


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