Tjupi Band

Tjupi (Honey Ant) Band members come from Papunya, 250 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs. The group plays energetic and emotive desert reggae and is the foremost musical inspiration for people across Central Australia. Singing in Luritja (and also in English), Tjupi Band epitomises Central Australian desert reggae in many ways – ‘sparse and upbeat, with a driving kick and snare’. Tjupi Band’s songs are about loneliness for country, love lost, listening to Elders, following tradition, social issues, skin pride, tribal unity and, most importantly, pride of culture. From their childhood of growing up learning from the members of Warumpi Band, Tjupi Band forms part of the new wave of uniquely Indigenous Australian reggae.


Tjupi Band artists:

Barnabas Daniels

Ethan McDonald

Jason Butcher

Jeremiah Butcher

Sammy Butcher

Samuel Inkamala